Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Wind Waker HD: Knuckle and Tingle Statues Unlocked

Cosmo just found one. Apparently all you have to do is placing a bomb, where you normally would place a Tingle Bomb. The treasure chest with the Tingle Statue then appears like it would on the GameCube. Yay.

Right now there remains the question, how this got revamped as a new quest. Because if you haven't played the GameCube original with the Tingle Tuner, there's no way that you would find these on your own. Like in the original they are not marked on your map. And it would be weird if Nintendo had these in the game without any clues.

Maybe it has to do with the Miiverse. Like some secret treasure hunting where the people post the statue locations on Miiverse. And in the original it was Ankle, who asked you to collect all statues, so maybe he gives you some hints about the statues.

All of this would be nice to know, because we still don't know about Knuckle. Maybe he gets unlocked by collecting all statues, like I theorized before? And I wonder, if you can also make the 100 Rupee pot spawn on Outset Island in similar fashion.

But right now I'm just happy that you're still able to get these. Can't wait to learn more!

As I thought, Knuckle gets unlocked by collecting all five Tingle Statues. LightninZombie did it in his stream. Ankle gives you Rupees as he did in the original.

It seems like there are no clues or hints for the statues at all. So, it might be that it's just a Miiverse word of mouth thing? Or maybe it's a secret that's meant for the people, who've played with the Tingle Tuner in the original. You don't get anything from this except for Rupees, Knuckle's figurine and Miiverse bragging rights.


K2L said...

I was NEVER told in-game that the room not appearing in LOZ's level 7 (the one that represents the "demon's" eye) existed, or that you could trespass walls in the Second Quest! You don't complain about these stuff but complain about the lack of clues for the Tingle Statues now?

TourianTourist said...


I wasn't complaining, I've just been wondering, if there's anything more to this, because after all we're talking about modern Nintendo here and not classic NES Nintendo. That's very, very different.

And with modern Nintendo it would be very weird to have uncharted treasure chests that only appear by using bombs at certain places. It's pretty safe to assume that it does have something to with Ankle and Miiverse. I wasn't complaining, I was making theories. Like I do all the time.

And why should I complain? I know how to get the statues, I've done it before. Like I said, I'm really happy that they are still in the game.

So, your reaction seems out of place

K2L said...

I misinterpreted the tone of your comment, then. My apologies.

TourianTourist said...

It's allright. I've updated the post to avoid further confusion.