Saturday, September 14, 2013

Let's Design a Cave of Ordeals / Savage Labyrinth for Ocarina of Time

I guess one of the biggest missed opportunities of Ocarina of Time 3D was adding a pit trial dungeon similar to the Savage Labyrinth from The Wind Waker or the Cave of Ordeals in Twilight Princess. A simple addition that Zelda veterans love to play. So, let's try to design our own 50 story pit trial dungeon for Ocarina of Time.

It will use the same structure as the other ones. You go down and need to kill every enemy to progress. Every tenth floor is a safe zone with a price and an optional exit. It mostly uses enemies from dungeons.

Forest Floors (1 - 10)

Floor 01: Deku Baba
Floor 02: 2x Mad Scrubs, 5x Keese
Floor 03: 2x Skulltula, Big Deku Baba
Floor 04: 2x Wolfos
Floor 05: Stalfos
Floor 06: 3x Big Skulltula, 5x Skullwalltula
Floor 07: 5x Blue Bubbles, 3x Gohma Larva
Floor 08: Big Deku Baba, 5x Gohma Larva
Floor 09: Club Moblin, 2x Stalfos
Floor 10: 10 Bombchus (each time)

Fire Floors (11 - 20)

Floor 11: Beamos, 6x Baby Dodongo, 3x Red Tektite
Floor 12: 6x Door Mimic, 2x Lizalfos
Floor 13: 3x Dodongo, 5x Fire Keese
Floor 14: 3x Lizalfos
Floor 15: Beamos, 8x Armos, Like Like
Floor 16: 6x Torch Slug, 3x Blade Trap
Floor 17: 2x Boulder, 4x Like Like
Floor 18: 3x Dinolfos, Fire Eye
Floor 19: Boulder, Blade Trap, Flare Dancer
Floor 20: 50 Rupees (each time)

Water / Ice Floors (21 - 30)

Floor 21: 6x Shaboms, 6x Ice Keese
Floor 22: 2x Bari, 6x Biri, 3x Tailpasaran
Floor 23: 4x Shell Blades, 5x Spikes, 2x Blade Traps (water pool)
Floor 24: 6x Blue Tektite, 3x Stinger (water pool)
Floor 25: Big Octo
Floor 26: 5x Freezard, 8x Ice Keese
Floor 27: 2x White Wolfos, 6x Ice Keese
Floor 28: 3x Stalfos
Floor 29: Dark Link
Floor 30: Pegasus Boots

Shadow Floors (31 - 40)

Floor 31: 8x ReDead
Floor 32: Dead Hand
Floor 33: 3x Poe, 3x Blue Bubble
Floor 34: 3x Beamos, 3x Floormaster, Blade Trap
Floor 35: Wallmaster, 3x Blade Trap, Fire Eye
Floor 36: 5x ReDead, 6x Big Skulltula
Floor 37: 10x Gibdo, 2x Like Like
Floor 38: 4x Stalfos
Floor 39: 2x Dead Hand
Floor 40: 200 Rupees (each time)

Spirit Floors (41 - 50)

Floor 41: 8x Leever, Big Leever, Blade Trap
Floor 42: 3x Anubis, Floormaster, Blade Trap
Floor 43: 6x Gibdo, Iron Knuckle
Floor 44: 3x Floormaster
Floor 45: 6x Beamos, 3x Armos, 2x Dinolfos
Floor 46: 2x Club Moblin, Iron Knuckle
Floor 47: Wallmaster, Iron Knuckle, 4x Floormaster
Floor 48: 3x Iron Knuckle
Floor 49: Dark Link, 2x Iron Knuckles
Floor 50: Great Fairy (Grants you Hylia's Light)

Or something like that. Feel free to use this as a blueprint for your own version. You could also consider that Master Quest might get a tougher variant of the dungeon.

Hylia's Light would be another of these spells (similar to Din's Fire, Nayru's Love and Farore's Thunder), but it doubles your sword power for a certain amount of time (it makes your sword glow in light). The Pegasus Boots simply make you walk faster as adult Link (similar effect to the Bunny Hood). Both items would fill the two empty spots inside Ocarina of Time 3D's inventory.

I personally would have loved that. Ocarina of Time 3D would be a lot better with additions like these.


K2L said...

Three years ago, I made up a list for MM enemies. Floors 1-9 were about Southern Swamp enemies, floors 11-19 were about Snowhead enemies as well as invisible enemies, floors 21-29 were about Great Bay enemies, floors 31-39 were about Ikana Canyon enemies, floors 41-49 were about made-up enemies, floors 10, 20, 30 and 40 were reward zones housing Pieces of Heart, and floor 50 held a mask. In case you're wondering, those four heart pieces are the ones that would normally be in the Moon, and the mask would replace the Blast Mask, as I feel it was redundant for the Bombs and Bombchu.

TourianTourist said...

Yeah, it's still a possibility that we get a pit trial dungeon in Majora's Mask 3D.

I just feel that Ocarina of Time had the superior enemy selection. Being able to rebattle Dark Link alone would be worth it.

In Majora's Mask you can replay all minibosses and bosses anyway thanks to the time travel mechanic.

K2L said...

The Secret Shrine forced you to refight the dungeon minibosses except Gekko and Gommes, so the replayability is not an excuse. =P

TourianTourist said...

I didn't want to make an excuse why there shouldn't be such a dungeon in Majora's Mask. I was just saying that it would have been more valuable in OoT.

But they could add some OoT enemies to a potential MM pit trial to make it more interesting.

TourianTourist said...

In your case you could use floors 41 - 49 for OoT only enemies like Stalfos, Dead Hand, Flare Dancer and similar.

Maybe even Dark Link... :D

K2L said...

Yeah, enemies like those. Maybe old-school enemies too (Lynel, Fokka), but that's probably too unfitting already for the concept of an enemy gauntlet like Savage Labyrinth.