Friday, September 20, 2013

Two weeks!

That The Wind Waker HD gets released digitally two weeks before retail release in North America, but not Europe, is just inexcusable. The world is connected today and patience isn't a modern virtue anymore. They can't just release the game two weeks apart in different English speaking regions. You can already watch Live Streams, Let's Plays and everything of this game, but you can't buy the game here in Europe. It's sad. It feels like you have to watch all the other kids getting the cool toys. I'm unhappy about it. (feelings, Nintendo, feelings)

The game is out, but you can't buy it. People here in Europe will watch playthroughs on Youtube instead and when the game finally gets released in two weeks, they've seen all of it. Which might cause some people not to buy it... or buy it at a later time, because they're sick of it at the moment. In today's world two weeks are a long time.

Bad move, Nintendo. This will better not happen with A Link Between Worlds. We don't live in 2003 anymore, sync up.

PS: Watching Cosmo atm!

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