Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Wind Waker HD has new Treasure Charts and Relocated Items

This comes from Zelda Informer, look at the comments:

Hero's Charm has been replaced with Treasure Chart #45 which is for a 200 Rupee chest. The Hero's Charm has replaced the Heart Piece in the 50-floor dungeon on Outset Island. I still don't know where the relocated Heart Piece is.

So, it appears that the five removed Triforce Charts have been replaced by five new normal Treasure Charts (#42 to #46). I previously had the theory that the five new Treasure Charts will be "Tingle Charts" and would lead to the five golden Tingle Statues. After all it was reported that the statues will be still there and it made the most sense to me, since there were exactly five missing charts and five statues...

However, this doesn't seem to be the case. Instead you get charts with even more Rupees (though you don't really need them anymore for Tingle). Also, ZeldaDungeon is currently updating their walkthrough with many new screenshots of The Wind Waker HD. One caught my attention:

What do you see? Yeah, nothing. The spot on the other side used to have the chest with the Tingle Statue. I don't know if there's another method of revealing these chests or if they're completely gone. We'll see. In the original you had to make the chest appear with a Tingle Bomb from the Tingle Tuner. Since the Tingle Statues were based on the dungeons, it would be a little sad not to get anything here. Maybe you can only see them with the Hero's Charm or something similar. Maybe this gets unlocked by using the Tingle Bottle or receiving Miiverse messages. For example the treasure chest could appear, if you use a Tingle Bottle at this spot and throw it into the lava. We'll see.

About the Hero's Charm, it's a little sad that it's now the reward from the place, where you potentially would use the item the most. But it's definitely better than a lame Piece of Heart. Or 10 Rupees. You have to consider that in the Japanese version of The Wind Waker you actually got 10 Rupees at the end of the Savage Labyrinth. This was probably some evil joke by the developers that got removed in the Western releases. And that's definitely a huge improvement in item locations, at least in Japan. The Piece of Heart I think was found under Grandma's house instead (where you get 100 Rupees in the other versions).

It should also be interesting to see where the other new Treasure Charts will be found. I could imagine that some of them are gotten from collecting the Tingle Statues from either Ankle or Knuckle.

The Piece of Heart from the Savage Labyrinth can now be gotten via a new Treasure Chart found on Pawprint Island.


K2L said...

I'm starting to think that they did remove the Tingle Statues. A pity. =(

TourianTourist said...

No, according to VentureBeat they are still in the game.

K2L said...

Ah, I see.

I suppose it's then matter of figuring out where they are now.