Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Link to the Past DX

I wished they would have called the A Link to the Past GameBoy Advance version "A Link to the Past DX". First of all it would go well along "Link's Awakening DX" prior on the GameBoy Color. Both games even share similar logos. But the main reason is that it's easier to distinguish from the SNES version. Whenever I talk about A Link to the Past on the GBA, I have to say "ALttP on the GBA" or "the GBA version of ALttP" or "ALttP with Four Swords", which feels like a hassle. "ALttP DX" would be so much easier to say and everyone would instantly know, that you talk about the GBA and not the Super Nintendo version.

So, from now on... whenever I say "A Link to the Past DX" on this blog, I mean the GBA version. Just so that you know. :D

Thinking about this again, I guess that "A Link to the Past GBA" does the job as well.

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wintercoast said...

A Link to the Past Advanced?

A lot of GBA titles did that.