Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nintendo 2DS

I won't jump on the shitstorm that is happening right now. Because the Nintendo 2DS is obviously aimed at younger kids, who want to play the newest Nintendo 3DS games, but where the parents are skeptical about the device, because of the 3D or because of the price and the fact that it looks quite luxurious for a child's toy. The Nintendo 3DS probably has trouble reaching the younger audiences and Nintendo wants to fix this.

It's cheaper, it doesn't have the questionable 3D effect and it looks more robust. The normal Nintendo 3DS is an easily damageable device, I'm really worried what might happen if it falls down, especially in its open state. The Nintendo 2DS looks like it can take a beating. It's perfect for childs.

The only weird thing is the fact that they again left out the secondary triggers and the second slide pad from the Circle Pad Pro extension. This time it really has the space for all of this. I mean, look at this thing. You could probably add three slide pads to it. The missing second slide pad was already ridiculous on the 3DSXL, but this time there's no excuse. How are they going to add a Circle Pad Pro to this thing?

And with Phantom Hourglass the Sun Key puzzle, which required you to close the Nintendo DS, will probably be impossible to solve on your own. You can't close the 2DS, you can however turn it into Sleep Mode. So, the game is still beatable, but how are you supposed to figure out the solution on a device that can't be closed? The puzzle is weird enough on a Nintendo DS, let alone on a Nintendo 2DS. Maybe Nintendo has to add an "if you play The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, please note that..." piece of information to the box.

But whatever, I think that the Nintendo 2DS is a smart move on Nintendo's end. It's design is questionable, but if it helps expanding the market with the younger audiences, then this is great.

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