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The Wind Waker HD: Knuckle, Tingle Statues, Tingle Bombs and other Tingle Tuner Items

Yes, I'm making another post about this topic, because I had some new ideas and insights here. It's basically the only thing, which we don't know about The Wind Waker HD yet and it fascinates me.

To get the facts straight: the Tingle Tuner will be gone from this version (which is kind of ironic seeing how the GBA-GameCube-connection potentially inspired the Wii U GamePad), so will be five of the Triforce Charts, which leaves five islands without a treasure for now. The Tingle Tuner quests offered several awards for the main game, mainly Knuckle and the five golden Tingle Statues, all of them located on Tingle island:

Awww, this looks so great! I would be a shame, if this was missing. But I doubt it will.

We basically just have to put it all together now. The Tingle Statues were found in hidden chests in the five main dungeons. There were not shown with the Compass and you had to use a Tingle Bomb to make the appear. Since we don't have the Tingle Tuner, I think those will be regular chests. But instead of giving you the statues, you will receive "Tingle Charts", "Golden Tingle Charts", "Tingle Statue Charts", "Kooloo-Limpah Charts", "Knuckle Charts" - you name it. Those you have to bring to Tingle, because they need to be deciphered much like the Triforce-Charts. 398 Rupees each. So, you have to spent the same amount of money on Tingle, but five charts will be optional. And they will be at the places, where the five Triforce Shards used to be.

So, what should the reward be? In The Wind Waker on the GameCube you would get Rupees from Ankle for finding the statues, 50 per statue and a final 500 for collecting all of them. However, you would have to spent a lot more money on the statues than you would get back from Ankle. If they want to keep all the deciphering, that is.

And then there's Knuckle. He's actually the guy, who carved the Tingle Statues, but he doesn't appear until a certain Tingle Tuner quest on Outset Island. So, previously I thought that you would unlock Knuckle by collecting all five statues. But that's not a real reward. Maybe he will appear only after all five statues are returned, but him alone wouldn't feel like it's worth the trouble. You need something from him.

In one of my previous posts I already detected that the inventory has one free spot, that there might be one new item in the game. And I think that whatever this item is, it's the reward you get from collecting the statues. What could the item be? I speculated something like a Seagull Beetle. But it might be more obvious. The Tingle Tuner itself had a bunch of special items. Each one of them could qualify for the secret new item.

- The Tingle Bombs. Those would act like normal bombs, but they would use 10 Rupees instead of a bomb. Nice option if you ever run out of bombs.
- The Tingle Balloon. It lets you float in mid air for a second. Similar to the Hover Boots in Ocarina of Time. Might be a broken feature though.
- The Tingle Clock. It tells you the time. Pretty simple, but still interesting.

Another reward from the Tingle Statues was a respawning pot with 100 Rupees on a cliff at Outset Island. You could basically unlimited Rupees from that. Maybe it's something similar like Knuckle giving you 100 Rupees each time you visit the island.

So, yeah, that's my theory. I'm pretty sure that some of this might actually come true. It just makes too much sense.


VentureBeat confirmed that the Tingle Statues are still in the HD version!

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K2L said...

Good to know that, thought the inter-console connection is lost, the content obtained by it isn't. =)