Monday, August 26, 2013

Zelda Hits Virtual Console 3

So, this week it's time to re-release The Legend of Zelda for the fifth time! On the Wii U Virtual Console. If you buy the game yet again, you will get 1080 resolution, 60Hz, Off-TV play, configurable controls (very nice), restore points and Miiverse spamming. Which sounds good, but is still far behind from normal emulators on your PC, where everything is illegal, but free and literally ten times better. However, it's only 0,99€, if you have bought the game on the Wii VC and did a system transfers. Which almost sounds reasonable, if it wasn't for the fact that a system transfer basically makes your old Wii worthless. Why can't I keep my games on both systems? But it's better than the shift to Nintendo 3DS, where you buy the game for full price again and that's it. And it doesn't even have 3D or anything, only the restore points.

Nintendo NEEDS an account system. No, cancel that, they already got an account system... They NEED to put their account system to use. For Din's sake. With every Virtual Console release of a Zelda game, I repeat the same message. It's just ridiculous, how hostile this is with their customers. And the worst, if your Wii U breaks or gets lost, you lose your entire digital library. And with the Wii U you can't even transfer your stuff to another Wii U.

With the Wii U I will stop buying games digitally from Nintendo. Actually I should have done that on the 3DS already, I only bought the VC games there because of the Zelda eShop points cards I had from 2011. But from now on it's only games in form of discs and modules. Everything else is a "no no", unless Nintendo realizes that digital purchases should be tied to accounts, not to systems.

PS: I think they will re-release A Link to the Past some time before A Link Between Worlds, so that Wii U owners can experience the original again, before the sequel comes out.

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