Wednesday, August 7, 2013

No Triforce Charts in The Wind Waker HD?

Nothing new really was shown about the Wind Waker HD in Nintendo's newest Nintendo Direct. I was hoping to get some information about this rumored hard mode, but there wasn't any. But there was a really small sequence, which showed that the Triforce Charts were cut. Instead of the chart you directly get the Triforce Shard from the treasure chests...

Okay, this was something that often got requested by fans. But I don't like it. It doesn't make much sense, since the Triforce Shards used to be scattered in the sunken Hyrule. Now they are suddenly on shore? You can find a piece of the Triforce under a cabana? What's this?

Also, what happens to Tingle and all my Rupees? Does he sell the new sail for 3184 Rupees instead? :D (Oh, that would be such a bad move.) What's the purpose of Tingle's Island now? Tingle-Bottles? I also wonder, what happened to the eight sunken treasure chests, where the Triforce Shards used to be? I seriously doubt that Nintendo included eight new treasure maps with new content... I fear that they are just gone now, eight islands where you can't find anything.

I think a lot of people will be very happy with this change, because many hated the salvaging and collecting the Rupees. But I generally enjoyed this part of the game the way it was.

Well, on the other hand this is definitely more streamlined and the better game design. So, I'm not sure what to think of it, I'm mainly curious how this affects the other parts of the game like the now empty treasure spots or the role of Tingle Island.

A possibility would be the five golden Tingle statues. Instead of getting the statues directly in the dungeons, you get treasure maps ("Tingle Charts") that lead to the Tingle statues. Maybe add three more in different places. Collecting two or three unlocks the faster sail for purchase. And collecting all statues unlocks Knuckle as a character, who gives you something new in return, I don't know.

About the faster sail. It's not only faster, you also don't have to change wind direction with this thing. It always goes full speed independent from the wind. This feels really powerful and should definitely make the game less tedious.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully this isn't true, but regardless I don't think trying to cater to fan opinion has ever led to much positive for the series. Fans are I creative whiners. I liked exploring the high seas and finding whatever I could out there, so the triforce hunt was never a negative thing for me. But apparently a lot of people just try to rush through games and were therefore all "ugh I have to LOOK for something this suuux" But if you played the game right and explored the world it wasn't tedious at all imo

TourianTourist said...

I concur. The Triforce hunt was actually my favorite part of the game.

It's similar in the Metroid Prime Trilogy. People tend to dislike the scavanger hunts at the end of the games, but I always thought that these parts were great, something that makes you go through all of the world again. For me exploration and discovery is the most important thing in Metroid and Zelda.

Other people just want to rush through the credits and be done with the game. Which I can't understand. If I really enjoy a game, I tend to spent as much time with it as possible. Which is why I always do the 100% in Zelda.