Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Wind Waker HD Limited Bundle Coming

Looks like I'm getting a Wii U this year. I definitely want to play The Wind Waker HD, it looks really nice despite the lack of new content. But I wasn't getting a Wii U, unless there's a limited bundle similar to the 3DS one two years ago. But there will be:

So, that's an easy decision for me.

As expected they use the default black system, but added some nice golden Zelda ornaments, similar to the 25th Anniversary Nintendo 3DS for Ocarina of Time 3D. Those two will go along well with each other. I thought they might also add a Triforce emblem to the main system, but there never has been such a custom Nintendo system (except for the Pikachu Nintendo 64 and some other rare stuff). Usually it's only the handhelds, which are getting custom designs, because the handhelds are more personal and not something used by the entire family. So, I wasn't sure, whether this will end up being a limited bundle or not. But if you think about it, the GamePad is more or less a handheld system. And therefore can be more personalized.

Actually I'm going to play this like a handheld. I don't have an HD TV yet and I'm not buying one, before I move homes early next year. I only have a small tube television, which was perfect for the Wii (the graphics look great on it), but probably not so much with HD games. But whatever... I will just take advantage of the system's main feature, which is the GamePad, for now.

And this is really the same thing as the 3DS bundle two years ago. Nintendo made a Zelda "remake", but not all Zelda fans are going to buy the new system for a remake, they might wait for the new game. But with this bundle, they get lured in. However, there is one MAJOR difference between the two bundles. The problem with the 3DS bundle three years ago was that they announced it half a year after the game's release. I already bought a 3DS and got angry that they didn't announce it earlier. But here they announced it before the release. Which is how things should be done. Makes me a happy Zelda fan.

Of course that is if the bundle hits Europe. So far this is only for North America, it seems.

Ah yeah, and it seems that the game gets bundled in disc form. Which is good. I would hate to have the game as a digital version only. I'm a collector, I want a box and a disc!

I've already seen quite a few comments from early Wii U adopters, who are really pissed about this bundle. And I feel them. I had the same problem with the 3DS. And since then I swore never to buy a Nintendo system early again - I will always wait until the very last minute, because there always could be such a bundle happening. For Nintendo these bundles are a double edged sword. They might win new customers, but they also teach their fans that it's always wise to wait. They're rewarding late adopters. And that adds to the problem that their new system have trouble selling. All the fans are hesitating and waiting for the special bundles.

PS: They should add this T-Shirt to the bundle:

It's currently only available in the Japanese Club Nintendo or at PAX Prime. But I really want one, it looks awesome. xD

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