Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nintendo Direct: Moment of Truth

In about three hours we should be a little smarter about The Wind Waker HD and A Link Between Worlds. From today's Nintendo Direct I expect the following Zelda-related information:

  • European (and US) release dates for both TWWHD and ALBW
  • potential hardware bundles
  • all about the Hard Mode in TWWHD
  • info about the changes of the Triforce Quest (if there are any)
  • some new footage of ALBW, where we learn something new,
    for example how the Dark World looks and works

What I would hate to see would be limited special edition hardware bundles, like a Wii U with a Triforce Emblem or a golden Nintendo 3DS XL with a Triforce Emblem. In case of the Wii U I would probably feel like I need to buy this, even though I don't want a Wii U right now, because I don't really have the time for it atm. But I will buy a Wii U sooner or later, so it would be stupid not to buy the Zelda edition right away. And a limited Zelda 3DS XL would be a huge blow to the face after the 25th Anniversary Limited Edition 3DS. Then Nintendo would expect Zelda fans to buy yet another 3DS (for the second time, if you count those, who already got a 3DS when OoT3D came out). Though I have to admit that I'm actually interested in a 3DS XL, but such a bundle would create the most expansive Zelda year yet. Even a lot more expansive than the 25th Anniversary.

Since this Nintendo Direct is focusing on upcoming releases later this year, I'm not expecting anything about Zelda U. But still Nintendo likes to remind us that they're making an all new Zelda game for the Wii U, while talking about The Wind Waker HD. So, maybe there's a little teaser or some words from Aonuma.

We will see.

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