Friday, August 9, 2013

Items in A Link Between Worlds

I'm really looking forward to the new item system in A Link Between Worlds, both the shop and the new item meter. So, I want to talk again about what items could be in the game. I already did that in a previous post, but since then we got some new insights.

List of confirmed items:

  • Bow
  • Bombs
  • Hammer
  • Boomerang
  • Hookshot
  • Fire Rod
  • Ice Rod
  • Wind Rod (new item in the shop)
  • Pegasus Boots
  • Lantern (shown in the Dark Palace footage)

The Pegasus Boots and the Lantern are the only items so far, which haven't appeared in the shop (unless they were in the spot with the book / book page thingy, if this is just a "sold out" spot). But since we will meet Sahasrahla's grandgrandgrand...grandchild (I really like this btw, it reminds me of old Niko in Spirit Tracks), it might be where we will get the Pegasus Boots. But it seems that the Pegasus Boots will be used with R (much like on the SNES), so they won't be their own item like in Link's Awakening or The Minish Cap. Because in the footage you can clearly see that the boots do not drain the Item Meter, where I suspect that all items use it.

The inventory has 20 slots, 4 will most likely be used by bottles, so that's 16 items alltogether. Seven(!) more to figure out, so let's take a look at what's left from A Link to the Past's inventory:

- Magic Powder: Likely, fits the new Item Meter very well and is interesting
- The three Medaillons: very unlikely to return, they are too overpowered in combination with the new Item Meter
- Flute/Ocarina of Wind: it doesn't seem to fit the Item Meter idea, but there needs to be some warp system; might get integrated into the map screen
- Shovel: yeah, probably
- Bug-Catching Net: could return and get expanded for a new sidequests, where you catch various insects and creatures
- Book of Mudora: makes more sense as a status item, but the page on the left shelf could be related to the Book of Mudora in some way
- Cane of Somaria: most likely to return, would play well with 3D
- Cane of Byrna: unlikely to return, it's too overpowered with the Item Meter, unless it drains it very quickly
- Magic Cape: no, basically the wall merging does everything, the Magic Cape did
- Magic Mirror: no, we've already seen, how you jump between worlds

So, we still got the Cane of Somaria, the Bug-Catching Net, the Shovel and the Magic Power that would fit in nicely. Maybe the Ocarina of Wind will return as well. So, it might be that this is it already it. The big question is whether the Cane of Byrna and/or the Medaillons will reappear. I suspect them to be too overpowered, with the Medaillons you could essentially clean the entire screen every so often. The Cane of Byrna might work, if it drains the new item meter very quickly, so you would only stay invincible for a couple of seconds. Or the item gets changed into a hazard shield - like poison swamps or spiked floors, but it doesn't save you from enemy attacks.

But with the Medaillons gone there's at least one more new item. And Bill Trinen mentioned that there will be "one or two new items" - so, there might be another new item next to the Wind Rod.

I've already speculated that there will be something similar to the Gust Jar / the Whirlwind - and there is, the Wind Rod, which I think could be very fun. And from the past games there are many other possibilities for what the new item could be. The Roc's Feather and/or Cape could return and add more to the 3D gameplay. Seeing how Four Swords Adventures (the only other Zelda game in the style of A Link to the Past) used this as well, it could be likely. Bombchus are another possibility, which would work nicely with 3D. So, there's already quite some blasts from the past, which would fit in nicely. Of course an entirely new item would be the most interesting and exciting thing.

I can't wait to see how the final inventory will be like.

- I made an update to this post, because I missed the Lantern in the newest footage. *feels stupid*
- I figured that the Pegasus Boots are not a X/Y-item, because they don't drain the Item Meter
- I reconsidered the Cane of Byrna

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