Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Wind Waker HD: Special vs. Limited Edition

So, Nintendo now officially announced the Limited Edition bundle for The Wind Waker HD, but they also announced a Special Edition of the game, which has a two sided cover and a nice little Ganondorf figure.

The Wii U bundle doesn't have the game. Only a download code for the eShop, which I think is terrible. The limited edition console is clearly for collectors and collectors want a box and a disc for their games. On the other hand collectors also might want the Special Edition of the game and in which case, you don't get the game twice, but both the retail and the digital version of the game.

But the best solution would have been a Special Limited Edition, which does have the Wii U, the Zelda GamePad, the game with box and dual cover and the Ganondorf figure. All in one. But oh well... Looks like this is going to be an expansive Zelda year... though it doesn't seem to be too expansive, the console now only costs $300 and the Special Edition has a price of $55, so that's $355 for both. That's okay considering the Wii U itself was $350 just yesterday.


Lankelink said...

I think the Wii U bundle also has a digital copy of Hyrule Historia (again, collectors would prefer the book...)

TourianTourist said...


Yes, but not in Europe.