Tuesday, August 5, 2014

All Hail the Manhandla

They did a really nice job with the design here. It reminds me somewhat of the Four Swords version, but with the heads of a Deku Baba. I wonder, what's up with the different color schemes. I also would have liked to see more bosses from the first NES games, but it seems like there's one boss for each item in the game:

  • Gohma - Bow
  • King Dodongo - Bombs
  • Manhandla - Boomerang
  • Argarok - Hookshot
  • The Imprisoned - Potion (just kidding, but maybe...)

Yeah, the last one is a stretch, but his damaging waves can be really annoying, so you might need potions here more than with the other bosses. However, I don't expect to see any more big bosses next to these five.

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