Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hyrule Warriors - Loose the Groose!

Okay, the latest Famitsu gave us also some insight, what stage in the story mode of Hyrule Warriors unlocks what:

Unlike I thought in my previous chapter analysis, Agitha and Ruto don't actually join your parties. They only support you over the course of one mission and then will be unlockable in the Adventure Mode. Darunia gets unlocked after Death Mountain, Midna gets unlocked after the Twilight Lands stage and Fi gets unlocked after the Skyloft stage. Ruto supports you on Lake Hylia and Agitha supports you at the Twilight Lands.

Only the Skyward Sword branch doesn't have a support character. Or does it? I mean, come on! The Sealed Ground stage is there. In the middle of an Imprisoned Battle, where they even have the Groosenator ready. Why didn't they include Groose as a support character here, who later gets unlocked in Adventure Mode? Storywise it would even make sense for him to stay, where he is, because he has to take care of the Imprisoned.

So, Groose still feels like a big missing puzzle piece. Nabooru won't be in the game, Majora's Mask characters won't be in the game - I already accepted this (waiting for the amazing sequel). But I still believe in Groose! He would be a nice secret character for the last update.

Groose, Link's Whip, Lana's Portal, Midna's true form, Cia, Valga and Wizro ... sounds like a mighty final update, unless of course they keep the rest "secret". It won't matter anyway, in less than a week we will know everything about the game, since it will be released in Japan on Friday.

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