Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lana = Female Link

That's just something I just realized, even though it might be quite obvious, but it seems to me that Lana is basically Koei's version of a female Link. She is the female protagonist of the game and also got the most movesets next to Link. Like Link from Ocarina of Time she grew up in the forest and she seems to be the guardian of the Deku Tree.

But as the opposite gender she also mainly fights with active magic combining various aspects of Saria, Farore and Nayru, while Link is more the brute weapon type. She's basically a good default choice, if you want to play as a female character, while Link is the typical default male character.

Cia then might also be the first real female antagonist next to Ganondorf, especially if Ganondorf is opposing her. We had Twinrova and Veran in the past, but they all were ultimately just henchmen of Ganon. Cia keeps her own henchmen, who follow her.

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