Monday, August 4, 2014

Hyrule Warriors Direct - Predictions

In about nine hours we're all going to become a little bit smarter about Hyrule Warriors. Last weekend I was actually quite nervous about this. I hyped myself so much with my Final Five that I will be most likely disappointed with the final roster. I can completely see, how these characters would play and look like. And I simply feel like I would be disappointed not to see Nabooru with a Battle Axe, the Deku Princess with the Deku Pipes or Fierce Deity Link. At least I know exactly, what I want from this game, but it would feel awful to already wish for a sequel, when I haven't gotten the first game yet. I want Hyrule Warriors to be satisfying and not be the demo for Hyrule Warriors 2.

Well, I expect to be informed about the following things in the Direct:
  • the NES map challenge mode
  • playable villains?
  • that "not coop" online mode
  • pricing of DLC
  • availability of the treasure box set in Europe and NA
  • whatever gets revealed by the Famitsu

Okay, the last point is actually not entirely clear. It might be that they don't show any new characters at all, because Famitsu has the exclusive rights to revealing those or whatever. Won't matter in any case, because we will get first infos from the Famitsu half a day later. But overall I would like to see, what Link's final and Midna's second weapons are and what characters and stages remain, especially whether there's going to be any Majora's Mask content or not.

It's really not much fun to be a fan of Majora's Mask right now... which hopefully will change tomorrow. Best case scenario would be them teasing Majora's Mask 3D to be released early next year. And to pass the time until then, we get playable Fierce Deity Link on Clocktown in Hyrule Warriors. That would be awesome.

Ganondorf's reveal will be only natural at this point. The big question is, whether he will lead to playable villains or not. But I certainly hope so. They could also just announce playable villains without Dorf, but assuming the "Power" DLC pack is his, you'd think they show it, before they start selling it.

Man, I really hate, how this game already gets released next week in Japan. This leaves little room to announce new stuff, though I feel like we've only seen things from very early in the game. But so far they only announced 1-3 characters at a time, so I don't see them suddenly reveal 5 more heroes and playable villains in one rush... unless of course this is all part of the hype plan to make this game look really awesome right before release. It also could be that they won't reveal the last batch of characters until next week and split things up.

We'll see. Expect bursts of rage, sadness and/or joy tomorrow from me on this address ...

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