Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hyrule Warriors - 2nd Look at the Character Menu

I think I figured out, how the ingame character menu might work ... as I pointed out already, there seem to be only 13 slots:

Now, I have an idea, how it would remain at this size, but still give me all 15 characters I want. With alternates. You press a button (let's say the L button) and a character slot switches to an alternate. As soon as it gets clear in the storyline that Sheik is Zelda's alter ego, both will merge in the menu to one slot. You have Zelda there, but if you want to play with Sheik, you simply press L. That way there's enough space to fit in my final five.

Zelda would move to the left to all the original HW characters - she would probably take Sheik's spot. Then Darunia and Ruto would move up one slot, leaving space for Nabooru in the center. Midna and Agitha stay the same. Then on the right come Fi, Groose, Skipper and the Deku Princess. Then finally for Fierce Deity Link you simply activate the alternate on Link's slot. This would even create a nice effect, because you don't expect any more characters, but then there's still one more! :D

15 characters in total also work very nicely with the website, as I already demonstrated:

The alternate system could also be used to activate the dark versions of each character. So, let's say you want to play with Darunia, but as Dark Darunia for the evil side, you simply press L and it switches to the dark version. In free mode only.

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