Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hyrule Warriors Direct Disappointment

Mhhh, as expected... :D

"Hey, Majora's Mask fans ... look! Look! We have the moon from your favorite Zelda! And you can hookshot to it! Great, right? Oh, I heard you like Fierce Deity Link? We made him into a badge! Awesome, right? Right?"

I was really hoping that this game would let me play with Fierce Deity Link again. But I guess I have to wait for the sequel... *sighs* If they make Hyrule Warriors 2 in three years or so, Majora's Mask, A Link Between Worlds and Zelda U will probably be the three big games in focus with additional characters from the first three games.

Ganondorf looks really awesome, I give them that. I like, how they combined all his incarnations into one. He even has the Lightning Strikes from Demise! So, there's no real need for Demise as a separate character and they could even give him as Demise costume. (Though I really hate, how they deal with the DLC here. Shameless.)

But it looks like Ganondorf, Zant and Ghirahim were the final three characters. That's so super lame, because we expected them anyway together with the other villains being playable and at least three more heroes. Instead those three bad guys seem to take the final slots in the roster and that's it. Or that's how it seems right now, but I doubt that they will surprise announce Groose or Nabooru at this point and I certainly can give up the hope for any Majora's Mask content. Also, the roster is mostly boring "characters you'd expect to see in Smash" material. Agitha is the only oddball here. And the only character, I really wanted out of this, was Darunia using the hammer. I didn't expect to get all from my wish list, but absolutely none of them...? So, my excitement for this game shrank significantly.

Of course the game isn't out yet and we don't know for sure, how they handle the villains... maybe Cia, Wizro and Valga will be playable after all. Maybe there will be three more hero characters including Groose and Nabooru ... but who am I kidding? Hope dies last, right?

Ah yeah, Lana's portals really are her third weapon! I'm looking forward to this. Also, we still haven't seen Link's 4th weapon and Midna's 2nd weapon, so there are still things to look forward to. And we got joke weapons confirmed. I really like the Chain Chomp as the Ball & Chain, expecting to see Bug Net for Agitha, Fishing Rod for the Whip and Skull Hammer for Darunia.

Of all the cool collectible items for this game, we only get the scarf? I wanted the treasure box, the clock and the artwork... man.

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Lankelink said...

Yeah, I'm a bit disappointed about Fierce Deity Link...

But they said that you can unlock some characters in adventure mode, and all the characters confirmed so far seem to be related to the main story, so I still have hopes!

Anyway... what is your opinion about the adventure mode?