Friday, August 1, 2014

Hyrule Warriors Fake Roster

I made this just for fun today based on the official site:

One can always dream... ^^ But that would be 24 playable characters in total, 15 heroes and 9 villains. Also, exactly half of the roster would be female, although this is just mere coincidence and I wouldn't take it too seriously.

I removed the boss monsters from the right and made it a column with playable villains only. They could add a third area below for the boss monsters, maybe with two rows. With this I also expended my wish list with Twinrova as part of the playable villains, though she might be too large.

The final slot in the playable villain roster could go to whatever entity creates the Dark Links, Dark Zeldas, Dark Darunias in this game, probably some original character and another henchman of Cia.

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