Thursday, August 28, 2014

More Hyrule Warriors Ideas: Mikau, Yeto, Batreaux and the Crossbow

Well, the game has been released in Japan for a while now, there's tons of footage and I just want to share some ideas for updates. Some things from my pre-release wish list still stand, some don't, but let's see.

I still want Nabooru and Groose badly as characters from existing games. Also, I would like to see a Majora's Mask expansion including characters like Fierce Deity Link, the Deku Princess, Mikau and the Skull Kid. Not Darmani, however, because you could just give the Bongos to Darunia.

And I still think that additional troops would be nice like Zora, Deku, Gerudos, LD-301 Robots and Garo. But seeing how the troops are organized, the "Skipper" will most likely just be a stronger commanding unit, but not a playable character. More about that later.

We also got a lot more insight into weapon types now. For example the Skull Kid would probably have "mask" as his weapon type with the Skull Mask and Majora's Mask being different ranks. And with the exception of that odd 8-Bit sword in the upcoming update, there seem to be no joke weapon skins. The Chain Chomp together with the Power Glove is actually the best Gauntlet. And weapon types can be silly and not have to do much with the actual fighting like Agitha's parasol. So, a Fishing Rod would probably be its own type instead of a joke skin for the whip.

My rules for new ideas are not as strict as before. Not every character needs an "arch enemy" and the same stage can be home for multiple characters, while not every character strictly needs his or her own stage.


  • Weapon Types: Scythes (Shadow)
  • Stage: Skyloft

Yesterday I played some Skyward Sword again to prepare for an upcoming podcast about the game and I noticed, how nicely this guy could fit into the game. The scythes in his house could act as a nice weapon type and overall it would be interesting to have a dark demon fighter on the side of the good guys. He even might utilize bats in the same style as Gomess or those scary demon cats from Skyloft, haha.

He also could have his human form as an alternate costume... so far only Link, Zelda and Ganondorf got costumes and it certainly would be nice to have other characters with this feature. Another possibility would be that he normally acts in his human form, but turns back into his demon form during Focus Spirit. This might be even cooler.


  • Weapon Types: Guitar (Lightning)
  • Stage: Pirate Fortress

While Darmani gets pretty much covered by Darunia, who could wield the Bongos as his second weapon type, Mikau still would be a nice addition to the game as a second Zora next to Ruto. Simply because he's a rockstar and the soundtracks is very rock heavy. He should be in the game for this reason alone.

He would fight with his fin blades on his body similar to Majora's Mask, but also use his guitar for combos and special attacks. The electrical barrier should also be a thing, probably even as his Focus Spirit, so maybe his fighting style is mainly Lightning based unlike Ruto's. He would appear on a Pirate Fortress stage, where you fight Gerudo troops!


  • Weapon Types: Fish (Water)
  • Stage: Snowpeak Ruins

Seeing how Agitha can fight with a Parasol, I could easily imagine the "Fish" to be a fun fighting style for Yeto, where he not only smashes enemies with a fish, but uses his entire body. Actually the fish fist the weapon upgrade system nicely, where the Reekfish and the legendary Hylian Loach would be the upgrades. And naturally he would come with a Snowpeak Stage, which would be a perfect addition to Hyrule Warriors.


  • Weapon Types: Crossbow (Fire), Whip (Water)
  • Stage: Outset Province (new area)

At first this was another case, where I want to see a specific weapon like the Scythe or the Whip, but don't really care about, who would wield it. The crossbow would be a nice nod to Link's Crossbow Training and with that it probably makes the most sense as another weapon for Link, but... today Koei Tecmo asked on Twitter about Linkle again, Link's younger sister. She wields the crossbow as her weapon and I would totally love that combo! And it wouldn't be the first time that in a Musou game a female character fights with a crossbow. Take a look at Lianshi.

The crossbow would be a fire type weapon utilizing Bomb Arrows. Because Bomb Arrows make everything better! And if they really add Linkle, they should give her the Whip as her second weapon! :D Oh, it would all be so perfect!

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