Wednesday, October 9, 2013

99 of every Spoils in The Wind Waker

(Miiverse Post)

Did it already. I really like doing this as a closure to a 100% savegames. It might look crazy and completely OCD and like something that takes ages to do, but it really just took me only about two hours. The trick is to know, where the best and fastest farming spots are. Well, I just compile a little guide to let you know my favorite spots, in case you also want to have yellow 99s all over your inventory.

99 Red Chu Jellies:

The secret cave at Pawprint Island. Really no contest here. Grapple the six red ChuChus inside the cave, exit the cave, repeat.

99 Green Chu Jellies:

This is even easier to do. The best spot is the entrance of the Forbidden Woods. There are like 10 or so in the room. Just grapple them all, leave the dungeon, get back in the room, repeat.

99 Golden Feathers:

If you go for the Green Chu Jellies in Forbidden Woods, stay in the dungeon. Go to the northmost room, where the miniboss fight took place. The room right before has four Peahats. You have to use the Grappling Hook to get Golden Feathers from them. Kill them easily with the Boomerang. Then go back into the miniboss room, return, repeat.

99 Boko Baba Seeds:

Those are easily farmable at the entrance to Forest Haven. There are six at the water stream (one is at the side of the cliff, easy to miss). Grapple them to get the Seeds and kill them with the Boomerang. If you're timing is right, Beedle's shop ship should be right under you, when you kill the sixth one. Just jump down, enter his shop ship, get back out, repeat.

99 Skull Necklaces:

Go into the Phantom Ganon maze in Ganon's Castle. From where you start just use the door right in front of you. It leads to a trap room with six Moblins. Kill them all quickly with Light Arrows. They usually drop orbs containing th necklace. In the center of the room you can heal yourself with a fairy and replenish arrows and magic. If you leave the room and go back in, all Moblins and all recovery items will be back. So, it's easy to repeat the process.

99 Joy Pendants:

This is also easily done in the Phantom Ganon maze. From where you start, turn around, use the door and then the door straight in front of you. It leads to a room full of Bokoblins, where you can quickly farm many, many Joy Pendants by using the Grappling Hook or by simply killing them all. Leave the room, go back in, repeat.

99 Knight's Crests:

Again this takes place inside the Phantom Ganon maze (this place is truly amazing). From where you start, turn around, use the door, then go left, straight, left, straight, straight. You will enter a trap room with three Darknuts (one of them is a caped version, in case you missed them for your gallery!). Simply kill them with Light Arrows. They will ALWAYS drop orbs with their Knight's Crest in it, but also some arrows. To refill your magic and/or health simply destroy the pillars inside the room. They have large magic jars and fairies underneath them. Leave the room, go back in, repeat.

You can't farm 99 Blue Chu Jellies. There are 23 max in the game. 15 you need to unlock the Blue Potion at the potion shop. So, 8 inside your Spoils Bag is best.


K2L said...

Man, I wouldn't dream of wanting to have that many items. I'm a completionist, but only to get what truly becomes part of the completion.

Also, it's odd that they didn't add a Blue Chu Chart in the remake.

TourianTourist said...

A Blue ChuChu Chart would have been a great addition!

They did add five new Treasure Charts, so including this wouldn't have been a problem.

TourianTourist said...

And I'm doing the 99 thing here only, because it's easy to do and doesn't take all too long.

I would never go for things like catching 99 of every fish in Twilight Princess or getting 99 of every ship part in Phantom Hourglass... :D

K2L said...

Me neither. XD