Friday, October 11, 2013

Princess Hilda from Lorule Says Hello

"Lorule"? Lorule...?! Seriously? :D

"Hilda" as a Sabrina, the Teenage Witch reference was already bad enough, but they're naming the Dark World kingdom "Lorule"? As in High Rule and Low Rule? That's sounds like some very bad fanfiction, Nintendo. Did Aonuma's son came up with this? ... Ah, yeah, and the Dark World is now the "Lower World".

I don't really like anything from the new trailer. The story is bad and the overall quality reminds me of Spirit Tracks, which is by far not my favorite Zelda game.

But it's interesting that Aonuma noted that the game would be in some way related to Majora's Mask. And he didn't meant the mask on the wall of the shop. My best guess would be that Lorule actually used to be Termina. After all in Termina was a mirror version of Hyrule with the same people, but a completely different fate.

And I really do like the item upgrade system. Collectibles that make your items stronger? That's my jam!

And there seems to be optional minidungeons for Rupees. I like this, that's something that has completely been missing from Skyward Sword.


K2L said...

Looks like you're already reserving a Worst Game of the Year slot.

TourianTourist said...

Errrrh... no? Just because I dislike the story, doesn't mean I don't like the entire game. Wouldn't be the first time with Zelda, but luckily story was never all too important to me, when it comes to games.

I even praised the minidungeons and item upgrades in the same post. How is this "worst game of the year"?

Even the worst Zelda game is still better than the majority of other games out there, so stop being so overdramatic, just because there's something I didn't like so far.

Anonymous said...

In binary logic the two levels are logical high and logical low, which generally correspond to a binary 1 and 0 respectively. Signals with one of these two levels can be used in boolean logic for digital circuit design or analysis.

It seems a little cheesy but it did make me smile... so yeah... the jokes not about something being higher or lower. I also like to interpret it as Hyrule = High = 1 they have 1 triforce and Lorule = Low = 0 they don't have a triforce...