Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Link Between Worlds Features a 2nd Quest!

According Aonuma told them that A Link Between World will unlock a higher difficulty level, when you beat the game once. What would be changed, he wasn't saying.

I really hope that they did more than just another Hero Mode, where you take double damage and find no hearts. Because that should have been implemented as an option similar to The Wind Waker HD. And with a topdown Zelda game it's a lot easier to change to environment and dungeons to offer a true 2nd Quest / Master Quest experience.

By now Gameswelt has released a video version of this interview, where Aonuma says that this 2nd playthrough won't be the same as the "Hero Mode" in The Wind Waker HD.


K2L said...

Looks like 2nd quests are here to stay. In fact, they should nhever have been abandoned to begin with, IMO.

The Legend of Zelda said...

thank you very much