Friday, October 4, 2013

Got The Wind Waker HD Wii U Premium Bundle + Limited Edition

Feels like Christmas. That's a lot of Zelda stuff at once and that's not even half of the Zelda merchandise coming out this year. But let's get this out of the way: if it wasn't for the limited stuff, I wouldn't have bought the game or the Wii U right now. I really bought all of this for the strictly limited Ganondorf figurine and the somewhat limited Wii U Zelda GamePad.

The GamePad itself is pretty heavy, much larger than expected. Buttons feel large and good. The Zelda design looks really good in real, similar the limited Zelda Nintendo 3DS those are not simple decals or sticker, it's high quality. And it goes really well along the Nintendo 3DS in the same style, like brother and sister:

I got the worst part behind me by installing the screen protector right away. Unlike with the NDS and 3DS there are official screen protectors from Nintendo and the screen is quite larger and a big target to bad stuff, so with this Limited Edition GamePad I really wanted to keep it safe. I hate installing these things, because it's hard to get it done without dust beneath it. I'm a very clean person and even cleaned my entire appartment yesterday, so everything would be as sterile as possible, but there's no escape from dust. I hate dust. But Nintendo added adhesive tapes to their package, which helps cleaning the screen from dust. And installing the protector went quite well, a lot better than the 3rd party protectors for the DS systems. So, I really advice buying the official screen protector, it's a lot better than the crap, I used to deal with on NDS and 3DS. My Zelda 3DS doesn't even have a protector, because those things are so bad. But I rarely touch the screen of my 3DS anyway and the 3DS Stylus is very soft.

The Ganondorf figurine is... cute... :D It's somewhat smaller than what I expected. But I like that the European version got a dome, which protects it from dust. (Have I mentioned that I hate dust?) Also, the European version has a dual sided cover, the other side shows the original artwork of the Ganondorf battle. I think the US version doesn't have the dual cover nor the dome. This let's me forget that they did have the digital version + console two weeks ago.

Haven't had the chance to play The Wind Waker HD yet, because the Wii U is still updating. I also had trouble with the system STAYING online, it connected, but disconnected after a while and then was unable to reconnected. Turned out manually setting up the security type did the job. I should be playing in a couple of minutes, so expect my first daily report from the game later on.

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