Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Wind Waker HD Collector's Guide

You might be wondering, why I got this one, even though it will be included in the Zelda Box, which has this guide as well. Well, I wanted the cloth map, which only comes with the standalone version. The Zelda Box won't have any of the extras from the original guides.

Sadly the cloth map is nothing special. It's just an artwork:

Might look nice on a wall, but it's nothing helpful. The original cloth map from the Twilight Princess Collector's Guide showed you Poe and Piece of Heart locations and similar. But like the map from the Skyward Sword Collector's Guide, this is just decoration and a little bit disappointing.

However, unlike the rest of the Skyward Sword guide this one does not disappoint at all. The Skyward Sword guide was really bad. It was missing collectible lists, had many useless pages made of artwork only, it had not the best image quality and it was the shortest guide of all of them. It was truly rushed. The The Wind Waker HD guide has a very clear design and with more than 350 pages it is the second biggest guide in the collection. From its size it looks like the guide has the same size as the massive Twilight Princess guide (though I don't have the Twilight Princess guide on me for comparison, I have it at my secondary residence). But the Skyward Sword guide doesn't even have half the size! And the content seems to be quite good. Which is nice to see after how badly rushed the Skyward Sword guide was.

Of course there are already some mistakes I noticed by browsing through the book for two minutes. For example they did forget Treasure Chart #42 as a price in the minigame guide. And in the figurine collection pages they tell you that you have to get Kogoli before entering Dragon Roost Cavern, while actually he doesn't disappear until Medli learns the Earth God's Lyrics. I guess, if I study the guide, I will find more mistakes, as usual. Maybe later.

When I get the Zelda Box, I will wait some months, maybe even a year, and sell all five duplicate guides without their extras. Including this one. This should give me the money back, which I invested in the box. And I still get to have the maps and other extras.

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Anonymous said...

It appears that in the guide the charts within the dungeons might be swapped from what the guide states.

In the forbidden forest, I went back to get chart #1 and followed the guide. The chest was already open but I only had 15 from the dungeon.

Having gone to where the guide states 15 is , which i did not explore on my first trip, I located #1.

Maybe it has something to do with the mirroring for remastered versions?