Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Link Between Worlds Comic Con Gameplay Footage

Here it is.

Well, I didn't like yesterday's story trailer all too much and especially silly names like Hilda and Lorule, but the gameplay of this game looks really nice.

This is the kind of Zelda game, I'm really enjoying. It seems very dense and there's something to explore and find in every corner. This is the overworld quality of games like Link's Awakening or The Minish Cap. I enjoy having optional minidungeons and nice collectibles. The Maiamas look like fun to collect and the rewards are without question great, if not the most rewarding collectible item in the entire series yet. The upgrading reminds me of Four Swords Adventures, which was one of the game's best features. And I can't wait to find out what all the upgrades will be like. I'm happy that there so many of these Maiamas to collect and I hope that the number of Pieces of Heart is the same as in A Link to the Past, because generally I find Pieces of Heart not too exiting as a collectible.

If you take a look at the item screen, there are like three bottle items in the inventory, but all in a different shape. I wonder, what those things could be for.

Also, you can now actually bomb a tunnel between the Witch Hut and the Eastern Palace. And generally the areas seem to be more open and connected than they used to be in A Link to the Past. And the small tour through the Lower World didn't let me down either, there were these bomb throwing cyclops everywhere, much like in the original. They also seem to be very aggressive, spamming with bombs around them. So, maybe the difficulty level might not disappoint too much and orientate itself on A Link to the Past, which would be perfect.

But overall I'm really excited about the footage. Luckily we don't have to wait too much longer to get this game.

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