Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Link Between Worlds: Map Revealed

I completely forgot to talk about the map screen, which Nintendo released today, in my last post. But I guess, it's worth it's own (thanks to Lankelink for the reminder). So, here it is:

Topography stayed the same for the most part. But there are some new buildings here and there. Nintendo already showed us the new dungeon on the island at Lake Hylia, which has windmills all over it. Kakariko seems to be missing the houses on the west side and some areas appear to be more "open". We've already seen that there's a new path at the southwest corner of the castle directly going to Kakariko for example, but the entire forest west of Hyrule Castle seems to be gone (maybe it got lumbered... or it might be that it just appears that way on the map, you can't see anything at the graveyard as well for example). And the witch hut now seems to be a witch tower, or at least it's somewhat bigger.

The desert seems to have the biggest changes, it even appears to be shut off. It might be that this time it's the opposite to A Link to the Past. In the SNES game the Swamp of Evil, where the Misery Mire dungeon is located, was completely shut off from the rest of the Dark World. And the only way to get there was through a portal from the desert. It could be that this time the Swamp of Evil is the area with an entrance and you can only enter the desert in the Light World with a portal from the Swamp of Evil. Or it might be that there are special paths on the cliffs, which you can only use as a painting. Or you enter the desert with the caves that are right next to each other.

It's hard to make out stuff on this map. But what's more interesting for now is the stuff around the map. The button on the bottom right seems to be a switch between Light and Dark World. And we can also see the Lantern, the propeller wind rod thingy and the Master Sword equipped on the right side. But then there's this red pin with a 20 next to it. Could this be a collectible? And there's a mysterious shell creature button above the pin. Could this be another collectible?

Maybe you have to collect shell creatures (similar to Gold Skulltulas or Poe Souls) and the button shows you, where you already found some (which would be really handy in combination with a guide). I don't know what the pins could be for. Maybe you can mark locations on your map, but you're limited to 20 markings. But 20 is a lot. Skyward Sword gave you 5 or so and it was more than enough.

Also, there's this bell in the bottom left corner of the menu, which appears to be its own sub menu next to the items and the gear screen. Maybe it's Miiverse related? The 3DS is getting Miiverse in the next update and it would be a shame, if A Link Between Worlds would leave it out after how greatly Miiverse integration proved itself with The Wind Waker HD.

Lots of mysterious things here. I'm excited to learn more.

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