Friday, October 18, 2013

The Wind Waker HD: Tingle Statue Guide

Knuckle surrounded by all five Tingle Statues on Tingle Island

Even without the Tingle Tuner in the game you still have the opportunity to find the five golden Tingle Statues, as well as Tingle's brother Knuckle for the Nintendo Gallery.

However, there aren't really any hints in the game of how to do this... The treasure chests with the Tingle Statues are still found in their original locations inside the five main dungeons of the game, just like in the GameCube version, but they aren't marked on the map. And instead of a Tingle Bomb you can now just use a normal Bomb (or a Bomb Flower) to let these chests appear.

The statues are then found on Tingle Island and once you've collected all five of them, Knuckle will appear at their center, so you can take a photo of him for his figurine in the Nintendo Gallery. Ankle will also give you 50 Rupees for finding a statue, 500 for all of them.

Dragon Tingle Statue

This one is hidden in the Dragon Roost Cavern on the way to the Big Key. In the northernmost part of 1F there is this room where you will have to swing over an abyss and where you can continue to the right. But on the other side there is a seemingly empty alcove. You will have to return here later in the game to lay a Bomb there.

chest in an alcove
You got the Dragon Tingle Statue! It bubbles over with warmth. It will be waiting for you on Tingle Island.

Forbidden Tingle Statue

On B1 of the Forbidden Woods you will get to a river, which can be crossed with a floating flower. To the right there is a room with a Treasure Chart in it. When entering this room you can see a small island in the water to the right. You can even make the treasure chest appear with the Bomb Flower from the upper section, so you don't have to return here later after getting the Bombs.

selfie time in front of the chest
You got the Forbidden Tingle Statue! It's covered in sticky sap. It will be waiting for you on Tingle Island.

Goddess Tingle Statue

After clearing the boat section in the Tower of the Gods, you will enter a very vertical room, where you will reach the upper door via a floating platform. Turn around on your way up to find another floating platform, where the chest can be found by bombing it.

chest on said platform
You got the Goddess Tingle Statue! Its salty seawater coating is kind of gross. It will be waiting for you on Tingle Island.

Earth Tingle Statue

After lighting up the eyes of the statue inside the Earth Temple together with Medli, you will enter some stairs down to B1. At the end of these stairs you will find a chain bridge. There you can see that the room has a weird corner, where there are some platform hanging from the ceiling to get there. You can fly to the platforms with either the Deku Leaf or Medli and make the treasure chests appear with a Bomb between all those skulls at the end.

paltforms on chains
chest between skulls and pots
You got the Earth Tingle Statue! It's cool and damp and smells like mold. It will be waiting for you on Tingle Island.

Wind Tingle Statue

From the entrance of the Wind Temple you will follow the rooms to the north until you get to a junction. This is where Makar gets abducted by Floor Masters on your first visit. You can find the chest inside the pit of this room.

rocks going up
chest on ground next to grass
You got the Wind Tingle Statue! It's sandy and kind of rough. It feels weird. It will be waiting for you on Tingle Island.

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