Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DM-Kokiri_Forest (Beta)

Two of my absolute favorite gaming franchises, Unreal and Zelda, collide in this map made for Unreal Tournament 3 by Chris Pow aka ChangingZephyr. It's a remake of the Kokiri Forest setting as a Deathmatch arena. It's still in beta phase and far from perfect, but worth a look.

Over at Epic Games Forums you can download the map and give some feedback like I already did. If you do not have UT3, you can take a look at this Youtube video and these screenshots:

Lightning needs to be improved as well as item and weapon placement. And overall the Kokiri Forest isn't really the ideal place for a Deathmatch environment, it's too open and the Deku Tree area is completely disconnected from the action. Kakariko Village probably would have been a better setting, it's not as open thanks to the various houses and the tower in the center could be used for an awesome but very risky sniper spot. If I had the time, I would make a Kakariko Village Deathmatch map myself...

Well, I'll keep you posted about this map.

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