Monday, August 22, 2011

Replaying BS Zelda Map1 & Map2

After replaying The Legend of Zelda I thought it was only natural to also try the BS-X remake for another time. After all I also replayed Ancient Stone Tablets right after A Link to the Past, so here we go. Actually I hoped that there were some new developments after I've played the game the last time for my "BS Zelda Tour" in 2009. But this wasn't the case, the game was mostly the same as two years ago. I guess the guys from the BS Zelda Homepage already did their best to make their restored version of the game as original as possible. And we can't thank them enough for making it possible for all Zelda fans out there to experience these lost tales of the Zelda saga.

This time I swapped genders, I used the girl for playing Map 1 and the boy for playing Map 2. It's nothing special, I just did for the sake of having some variety.

Well, after playing Zelda I just yesterday the collision detection of the BS-X remake felt a little "off". You get hit easily if you're too close to an enemy, but the stabbing of the sword doesn't have a wide range, so you have to get close... I got quite some problems to adept and even died two times in the first dungeon. I never died while replaying Zelda I. And while got used to fighting Darknuts there, they gave me a lot of trouble again in the BS Zelda version.

What I loved on the other hand was switching items by using the L and R buttons. Really cool feature, it's much better than having to go into the menu each time you want to change your item.

But what sucks are the waiting times. Well, you have 50 minutes per episode and each episode covers two dungeons. But believe, the 50 minutes are more than enough for veteran players, you should never get into time trouble, actually you have plenty of time left that you will spend with waiting for the next event or episode. Sometimes I would just grab something to eat or surf in Zelda Universe Forums, while the game ran in the background. Or I used the time to harvest some Rupees. At the end of the first episode, there's a power up, where every killed enemy would leave a fairy or if you got full health a blue Rupee. That felt like Rupee Fever from Four Swords and was ideal to stock up as much money as possible, because in the second episode you would have to buy the Blue Candle and the Blue Bracelet, the latter one being rather expensive. The enemies respawn every time you reenter the screen and while this can be very annoying in dungeons, it's very cool during "Rupee Fever". There is also a power up that gives you infinite bombs and I would spent the time playing Bomberman with Oktoroks.

What also sucks are the announcements from the old man. They would pop up, fill the whole screen and they won't go away for at least 30 seconds. It interrupts the game and the BS Zelda team should have made them skipable by pressing a goddamn button.

Having four different maps for the same game basically gets a little confusing after a while... especially when you play the games one after another. You would think at a certain place you can bomb a wall to reveal a hidden cave, but as it turns out that was only in the 1st Quest of TLoZ, or only in the 2nd Quest or only in the BS Zelda game, but definitely not in the game which you're currently playing...

Well, I told you all you need to know about the BS Zelda games in my BS Zelda Tour. So, I suggest to check out the articles from 2009, they're really cool. But replaying this game wasn't all too satisfying, I just did it for the sake of completion mostly.

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