Friday, August 19, 2011

Fanmade Skyward Sword Boxart

Probably from the same guy who did this 3DS bundle boxart comes this fancy Skyward Sword artwork. I still hate how the artist likes to add a "The" before the title. It's "Skyward Sword", not "The Skyward Sword". And overall it looks more like a box for a Final Fantasy game and not a Zelda game. I still like it though.

What's really important here is that the box looks like something epic, something magical. Zelda games used to be epic adventures in the past and the adventure would already start with unboxing the game. It featured some epic artwork on the box (the sword and shield from the Zelda NES Classics for example), the box included a map of Hyrule and the manual would feature lots of beautiful artwork and descriptions for all enemies and items. That was something! What do you get today? A recycling box with a small sheet for the basics. That's it. And that's an insult to the Zelda series. Zelda needs to be the epic game that everyone wants to play again and it already starts with boxes that scream "omg buy me".

Source: Go Nintendo (via Zelda Informer)

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