Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Four Swords, Round 2

Played Four Swords again this evening. This time not with Den, but with another buddy, let's call him "Rob". It surprised me, that he wanted to play this game, because he's more the guy who would bash Zelda games, but the more I get to play Four Swords the better. We've played four stages, but only got two of the Golden Keys... and I also failed to get one of the Golden Keys yesterday with Den.

The results were very different. For the Golden Keys you need 3000 Rupees per stage. And it really happened to me twice now, that we would get about 2950 Rupees. That was really frustrating, you basically played the stage for nothing. Well, nothing except the Medal of Courage. Talking about that, I got nine of these by now. Only one more to go! But it can really depend on the levels, that you get. Some generated areas give you tons of rupees, others don't. One time we would get only 2000 Rupees, the other time about 8000. Playing the same stage.

What really helps is the so called Rupee Fever. If all players have full hearts, you will get double Rupees. The very annoying Rupee Wraiths (that's a ghost, who looks like the one who haunts Gregal in The Minish Cap and who drops your Rupees) can even be abused during Rupee Fever, the Rupees you drop will double if you recollect them. The same goes for Black Rupees. So, as soon as one player gets hurt we would focus on getting his health back to max. So, you need to work together more in the Golden Quest and I guess it gets even more intense in the Hero's Quest, where you need 5000 Rupees per stage. For example right now when you see a bush you would cut it, but you really need to save some for restoring health...

While the stages remained mostly the same concering the difficulty, the bosses definitely got tougher. Manhandla would grow more heads who shoot seeds at you and the Delu Zol would create three fakes (similar to Agahnim in Oracle of Seasons, the real one has a shadow). Hot Head didn't seem to become tougher though... I don't know, it also might be, that we've beaten the Delu Zol during the Silver Quest fast enough so that he wouldn't create the fakes and the number of heads Manhandla spawns might be random. I'll see.

Well, it was fun, hopefully more to come soon.

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