Friday, August 12, 2011

Harmony of a Hunter

Harmony of a Hunter is a collaborative fan project to mark the silver anniversary of the Metroid franchise. Since Nintendo doesn't seem to have any plans for the anniversary, it's nice to see that fans are celebrating nonetheless.

It's a nice remix album featuring songs from ALL Metroid games remixed in various musical styles, for example there's a track from the well known Metroid Metal guys, there's a lot of electronic music naturally, but even a piano piece and a track sung by the Video Game Music Choir. The album has some good tracks, but also some not so good. Won't complain, since it's entirely free. So, everyone should download it and spread the good word.

I just would like a list telling me which tracks are supposed to remix which songs from which specific Metroid game. Normally I shouldn't have problems to tell, since I've fully beaten all Metroid games (wish I could say that about Zelda, damn you Four Swords!), but some tracks are not really clear to me. There's one track which sounds like it's from Unreal and one sounds like the theme from Back to the Future, lol... whatever, you can download the album here.

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