Monday, August 29, 2011

Skyward Sword Limited Edition Announced

OMFG... this looks awesome. And most importantly... it's GOLDEN! Yeah, baby, Zelda games used to be all golden back in the days. Golden package, golden cartridge, Zelda used to be the golden game. And it's nice that Nintendo brings this back.

And not only does this include the golden WiimotePlus, it also comes with the previously announced 25th Anniversary Symphony Orchestra CD! That's a nice deal and really handy, I thought I would need to look for that one separately. I love this, thanks Nintendo! So far it was only announced for the US, but I hope that we in Europe will get this, too. I'll be the first to preorder this baby.

And here are some more pictures of the Golden Wiimote Plus:

It looks good with the white, originally I was thinking about adding a black Nunchuk, but I guess it looks better with a white one.

Update: the price is 69,99$, about 20$ more than the regular game, for a Wiimote and a CD this seems fair.

Update2: This is also coming to Europe, yay.

Update3: The regular version of the game will also contain the symphony CD in its first edition. This is called "Special Edition".

Source: Facebook

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