Monday, August 29, 2011

Four Swords, Round 4

It's time to fully beat this beast. It's getting harder to convince my friends to join me in a game of Four Swords and I even have to play the "you're doing me a favor with this"-card by now, but the goal is getting closer. And as soon as I've beaten Vaati in the highest level, I will be done with this game. Probably forever, unless I'll get to know some dedicated Zelda fan in the future, who also enjoys playing this. But I'm primarily doing this right now to get the "I've beaten and 100%ed all Zelda games" bragging rights and after that I will be satisfied. And I have to say that the fact, that I can't play this game whenever I want, that I'm dependent on a 2nd player, really annoys me. Zelda is after all a singleplayer game. But otherwise playing Four Swords wouldn't be such a big deal for me and I would have beaten the game already eight years ago.

Well, today I only played one dungeon together with Rob. The dungeon was Talus Cave and this was our first Hero's Key. Getting the 5000 Rupees went surprisingly well, even though we screwed the first level up. There were multiple locked doors and only one key and I used the key on the door, that would immediatly lead you to the goal. That way we skipped a part of the level, where more Rupees would have been waiting. But we were focusing on having Rupee Fever all the time and that way we gathered enough before the boss. What really helped was diving, on the second level there was water and in Four Swords usually every water block got one Rupee. That's not much, but if you got an entire lake and dive through every spot you can gather a good amount of Rupees, especially if Rupee Fever is on.

The boss in Talus Cave, the Delu Zoll, interestingly used a new technique this time. It made itself invisible to one player and only the other one could see it. Later it would make itself invisible to all players and you could only guess where the boss was by the dust it was whirling up.

So, only one dungeon today and only one key. But that's still one step closer to a 100% completion of Four Swords and every single step counts. Until next time.

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