Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Four Swords, Round 5

Another round of Four Swords with Rob, we tried to get Hero's Keys both in the Sea of Trees and Death Mountain. Sea of Trees went smoothly except for the annoying Manhandla boss, however, collecting 5000 Rupees in Death Mountain seems to be a very challenging task. Even with Rupee Fever this is already getting very close, but there's stuff that can hurt you everywhere to disrupt your Rupee Fever. Lava pits, hot steam and fire all over the place. And instead of grass you have to cut fire, which can also hurt you. It's really important that you stay patient and DO NOT open any treasure chests without Rupee Fever. Rob did so in some occasions and I'd say otherwise we could have made it, we had about 3800 Rupees at the end... considering that we already struggled to get the 3000 Rupees last time in Death Mountain this is quite good. To make things worse the game spawned Red Rupee Likes all the time. If there's no second player near you, they will cost you a lot of Rupees.

However, this is the last time, where we will ever have to collect enough Rupees again. In Vaati's Palace you only collect Rupees to pay for deaths, which is relaxing, since you don't die that often anymore. So, only Death Mountain stays in the way of my fully finished Four Swords file.

In the Sea of Trees right after the goal on the 2nd floor we had a second closed door. However, we couldn't find a second key anywhere. Maybe we've overlooked something, but we really looked in every corner. Or we were supposed to take a second key from the previous floor, but I'm not sure if you can do that and we also cleared all of the 1st floor. Or maybe it was a bug in the dungeon generating... but since we already had 5000 Rupees at that point, we didn't really bother.

And today was my first encounter with Darknuts in this game! They look differently from The Minish Cap, but they use the same movements. I didn't even have the chance to defeat them, though I was using my mega cool Hurricane Spin Attack, which always worked wonders on Darknuts in The Minish Cap. But they vanished before I could kill them. There are mostly no pre-placed enemies in this game like you would normally have in a Zelda game, but here the game randomly spawns enemies in the area near you. But they also vanish after a short time to avoid that there are too many enemies at once.

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