Tuesday, June 7, 2011

25th Anniversary Concerts and CDs

Each year I'm getting hyped for the Nintendo Press Conference, like it's the year's most exciting event in gaming. And this time they opened the show with a big blast. A Zelda live orchestra to celebrate the 25th Anniversary while playing footage of most console Zeldas in the background. I got goosebumps during the thing, epic. They also showed some new Skyward Sword footage, which showed some sky stuff like riding on little Valoos...

However, they seem to really make a big deal out of the orchestrated music for Zelda. Ocarina of Time 3D will get an orchestrated song for the credits and Skyward Sword will be the first Zelda game to get a fully orchestrated soundtrack. Fans wanted this since pretty much ever and now they get it. And Nintendo makes it big. There will also be a tour of the orchestra, concerts all around the world. I hope they come to Berlin here in Germany, then I will definitely go there. And there will be a CD, gotta get this one.

There will also be an Ocarina of Time soundtrack, which the first people, who register Ocarina of Time 3D, will receive.

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