Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Wind Waker: Link's Logbook

Hahaaaa, surprise! I wasn't done with the Zelda mangas yet, this is a special extra episode! Actually this wasn't drawn by Akira Himekawa and that's probably what makes it so good and entertaining. It's not even your typical Zelda manga, it's a 4-koma, a collection of sketches following the plot of The Wind Waker. Basically each page is an individual sketch and they do a great job of parodying the game. Some sketches are just silly, while others don't work, because they use Japanese puns that can't be translated properly. But others will definitely make you smile, like this one:

And others are just hilarious. Some of them really made laugh, I had more fun reading this than reading the entire Himekawa collection. Seriously. And you can have fun reading it too, just by clicking here. I normally wouldn't promote any scanlations or other illegal material, but this book is not available in the US or Europe. If they also would release this here in Germany, I'd buy it.

Well, and because it was so much fun, here are some more random sketches as a preview:

I just love how they make fun of the game's ideas and mechanics. We all know the parodies, where Link runs into a house, destroys all pots and then just leaves without saying anything. But this book really takes it further, it deals with ideas like "what does Zelda do when she has to wait all the time?" And they make good use of Toon Link's face, he just looks so silly some times, but it really fits the 4-koma style.

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