Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Majora's Mask 3D: Speculations

I haven't played Ocarina of Time 3D yet and I already speculate about the next potential remake? But this is really a no-brainer. A Majora's Mask 3D practically would develop itself. The original game could be developed within a year, only because it reused nearly everything from Ocarina of Time. Gameplay, graphics, items, characters, ... not counting Ancient Stone Tablets this was the first Zelda game to do this, but not the last. The Oracle games, The Minish Cap, Link's Crossbow Training and Spirit Tracks are all based on one of their previous games. Reusing a game engine and the content from a previous game saves a lot of time, time that can be spent to develop new ideas. Even crazy ideas like a Zelda game, which focuses on sidequests and where a moon crashes onto your head. And now with Ocarina of Time 3D GREZZO made everything needed for a remake, because Majora's Mask reuses most of Ocarina's content. The only thing they would have to add for Majora's Mask 3D would be some new textures and models. And the game would benefit from the 3D even more than Ocarina of Time, the pressure of the moon closing in was always important for the game and this surely would look even more impressive in 3D.

However, one of the problems with Ocarina of Time 3D is the lack of new content. But at least it got Master Quest, which was originally only available on a bonus disc for GameCube. Master Quest was something, that only hardcore Zelda fans would get and play. Which is why a lot of people haven't played it yet, which is why for a lot of people Master Quest might be a good reason to buy Ocarina of Time 3D, because it really adds something new for them. However, there was no such thing for Majora's Mask. And a boss challenge mode would be pointless, since you can replay every boss anyway and sometimes you even have to. Also, most of the boss fights aren't really fun, especially Gyorg can be a pain in the ass. Unless you got the Fierce Deity's Mask. Of course they could always add Sheikah Stones, the first vision should be Link playing the Song of Time backwards... most people didn't really understand the time system and thus got time pressure (if you play the game right, you will never have any time pressure), maybe the Sheikah Stones could show people how to really play this game.

However, Sheikah Stones alone won't make an impressive list of new features for a remake. There was no Master Quest for Majora's Mask and a Boss Challenge would be pointless. So, this prevents them from adding "new content", that isn't really new content. But a remake needs something more than just better graphics, which is why they would have to add something...

One idea would be that they just simply make a Master Quest for Majora's Mask. They could start by mirroring the game (yikes!) and adding double damage. There aren't many dungeons, but you could still revamp them in the style of Master Quest's dungeons. In case of doubt you can just make the dungeons harder by adding Iron Knuckles in every corner. Imagine Iron Knuckles in Woodfall Temple, this would already be an entire different level of challenge. And next to the four temples there are also lots of minidungeons. The two Spider Houses, the Secret Shrine of Ikana, Beneath the Well, Ikana Castle and the four minidungeons on the moon. They could also revamp all of those. I don't think that this would be much effort, after all they got a lot of time for this remake and most of the work was already done with Ocarina of Time 3D anyway. And a Majora's Mask Master Quest would be a definite reason for every Zelda fan to buy this remake.

And there could be a secret bonus dungeon hidden somewhere... yes, I'm not giving up on the bonus dungeon idea, Nintendo! And I will continue to bitch about how Ocarina of Time 3D is not a perfect remake, because it doesn't have one.

I don't expect any new items though, especially after Ocarina of Time 3D got TWO FREE SPOTS in the items menu and didn't use them. And in case of Majora's Mask 3D the menu would already be filled. Let's do some math, the original game got 24 items and 24 masks, that's 48 items alltogether. However, the Ocarina will probably get its own touch button again and the three magic arrows will probably be combined with the Hero's Bow. So, that's four items less. And because four items are always assigned to buttons, we would "only" need space for 40 items. That's twice the size of the item menu in Ocarina of Time 3D. I guess you could just make two pages and you switch between the pages by pressing the item tab again. Or there could be a scroll bar. However, the separation between items and masks won't work in the style of Ocarina of Time 3D's item menu. Just imagine you got the Hookshot equipped to X and now you want to assign the Bunny Hood on the same button. Then the Hookshot would wander into the mask menu... so, that's why there probably will be just one big menu for all items and masks.

They could include the Shard of Agony from Ocarina of Time 3D though. Originally in Majora's Mask the Stone of Agony rumbling feature near hidden grottos and secrets is a default ability in the game, probably taken over from Ocarina of Time, though the Stone of Agony itself is never mentioned in the game. They can't just remove it, but they can't just give you the Shard of Agony from the start without any explanation either, because this new version is somehow more obtrusive. But it could be a reward from a secret bonus dungeon...

The moon is closing in and we want to see it in full 3D, Nintendo. Like I said this remake would really be a no-brainer and most of the work was already done with Ocarina of Time 3D. But it would be interesting to see, if they add new features and what those features could be. Here a Master Quest / 2nd Quest made for Majora's Mask definitely would get a lot of attention and would be the ultimate addition.


romplayer said...

"the first vision should be Link playing the Song of Time backwards... most people didn't really understand the time system and thus got time pressure (if you play the game right, you will never have any time pressure)"

What do you mean here? You say most people didn't understand the time system - how can it be not understood? Or is there something I missed and I am part of that "most people"? Is there more in the time system than simply returning to day 1? How exactly do you play the game "right"?

TourianTourist said...


There are a lot of people who say "I didn't like Majora's Mask because of the time pressure". But usually if you get into time pressure, you did something wrong. Some people just never play the Song of Time often enough, they think they have to play all the entire quest and the dungeon in one session! But in fact you can return to the past on many ocassions and continue with your quest. The only thing that you have to play in one sessions are the dungeons.

But here's a simple example: you got the song that opens a dungeon and you activated the owl statue in front of the dungeon - that's the perfect time to play the Song of Time and start with the dungeon right at Day 1. But there are people, who won't do this, they think like "but what happens to the apes and all the story?! - I have to play the dungeon now, even if it's already end of day 2"

Also, there are people, who didn't know that you could sloooooowwww the time by playing the Song of Time backwards.

These are just two very simple things to make you life in MM a lot easier. And you might think "how can you not get that?" But believe me, there are many people, who skipped the game early, just because they didn't understand how to avoid time pressure.

romplayer said...

Thanks, now I get it. Well, the problem is simply that you never can be sure, which things get reversed when returning to day 1. You don't want to do all the stuff all over again, that's why many don't want to turn back until they really have to. Like your example with the apes. Doing stuff all over again is very disturbing, and that's what Nintendo demands in this game.

Anonymous said...

Screw you. The MM bosses were fantastic, especially Goht.