Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Playing the Riddle Quest

In one of my recent posts I talked about A Link to the Past as part of the 3D Classics on the eShop and that they should use the GameBoy Advance version for this, so everyone can finally enjoy the Riddle Quest and the Palace of the Four Sword. While I used glitches to enter the bonus dungeon in the original game, I never was able to play the Riddle Quest. But then an anonymous poster pointed out, that there are actually Gameshark codes for this. It's not a big surprise, that hacking this is possible, but I just never found any useful codes. So, I looked again, found this and they worked. And thanks to all this today was finally the day for me to experience the Riddle Quest. Yay.

It's no big deal, the sidequest is rather short and nothing too special. What makes it so special for me is that this is one of the few things in the Zelda series, which I've never played myself. Now I just need to get my hands on Four Swords and finish it entirely, because then I would have 100%ed the entire Zelda series.

Well, luckily you can start the quest as early as leaving the Sanctuary and getting the Bug-Catching Net. And you only need to beat the first dungeon to get the Pegasus Boots, which are required to get some apples, in order to finish the Riddle Quest. So, the whole thing didn't take too much time. Of course normally you would have to get 10 Medals of Courage in Four Swords, which might take a while. But it's a good thing, that you can play this so early, because I just recently replayed A Link to the Past and wouldn't want to go through the game again just yet.

It all starts with the new basket item, which replaces the question mark in your menu. It looks a little strange, but everything you catch will be shown inside the basket, like for example the crab enemy, which I've catched in the above picture. Most of the riddle objects can be gotten near the lumberjacks' house, which saves you some walking, but for others you have to go as far as the swamp and Lake Hyle. However, I could complete the whole thing within an hour.

So, I finally could take a look at the carvings, where each one got four different forms, which you can alter by sprinkling magic powder on them. And the Hurricane Spin Attack is fun, works like in The Minish Cap, except for the fact that you have to load your sword twice and that it consumes your magic. I guess the version in Four Swords is actually similar to the one in The Minish Cap.

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Lanzz said...

I'm glad you finally beat that quest, i follow your blog for a long time... :)