Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Zelda WiiU Tech Demo

Here and here is a full video showing the Twilight Princess style tech demo for WiiU. It features an Armogohma battle inside a cathedral and you can use the WiiU touchpad to switch between day and night and different camera angles or to activate a map, etc. And you can also watch the whole thing on the pad. So, the pad is more for playing around, but the visuals look really, really gorgeous. It's nearly surreal, because you're not used to get these kinds of graphics from Nintendo. Nintendo for me was always not so good graphics, but great and fun gameplay. And I'm normally not a graphic whore, I don't have a HD console yet and I'm already happy that I'm able to play Unreal Tournament 3 on my computer with low settings. But this looks really great.

Source of image: Zelda Informer

Of course you shouldn't get hyped. This is just a tech demo and probably won't be part of any later Zelda game. Remember the Gamecube tech demo from Spaceworld 2000? Where Link and Ganondorf battle it out in jaw dropping graphics? You know, this one:

It never became reality. Instead one year later they introduced The Wind Waker and the reactions were hostile. Okay, maybe Nintendo learned from their mistakes... but they rarely do. So, don't expect to get your realistic looking Zelda just yet. It might take another ten years. If there's still Zelda around then...

I already mentioned that a Zelda WiiU game will most likely continue to use MotionPlus and Nunchuk controls. So, the WiiU pad itself probably won't be used. And if it gets used then maybe just for gimmicks like another Tingle Tuner. So, a second player could use the pad to help the other player, because he gets more detailed maps on it, etc.

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wiiu3ds said...

This looks cool. Can't wait to play Zelda.