Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Link's Awakening DX Released on 3DS Virtual Console

Yesterday the eShop opened and surprisingly Link's Awakening DX was not part of the launch titles. But it turns out Nintendo just wanted to wait one day to release it as part of the 25th Anniversary celebration at E3 2011. I already told you that can label pretty much any Zelda release this year under the 25th Anniversary banner, may it be something new or not.

But this is definitely exciting, it's the first GameBoy Color game to appear on the eShop and I already told you in my Magic of Link's Awakening article and while replaying the game yet another time, how great Link's Awakening really is. It's a milestone, that this game finally sees the light of day again on a current Nintendo system after such a long time and that many people will experience it now for the first time. Everyone with a Nintendo 3DS should be downloading this game.

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