Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Amazing 25th Anniversary Fan Art

After spontaneously posting the Duel Link art, I thought I should show this master piece here as well. J2Dstar made this one and it's really awesome. Sometimes I wish I could draw like that, but it's probably really time consuming, so I stick with blogging about Zelda for now... but the scroll is really detailed and features many villains, bosses and enemies on one site and different incarnations of Link on the other. We got Ganondorf, Ganon, Agahnim, Dark Link, Vaati, Gleeock, Volvagia, Patra, a Stalfos, a Bokoblin, a giant Chuchu, an Okotorok, as well as soom Keese and Deku Scrubs on the side of the bad guys. And both versions of the Hero of Hyrule, the Hero of Time, Deku Link, Link from A Link to the Past, the Hero of Wind, three different colored Links from Four Swords using the Roc's Cap, Ordon Link, Wolf Link with Minish Link riding on him and even Link riding on a bird from Skyward Sword on the other side. I guess this would be one epic clash. Nice scroll, you can even buy it in the link printed on the picture.

Via Zelda Informer


Anonymous said...

I cant spot the Link from oracles, where is he?

TourianTourist said...

Ah sorry, that was not the Link from Oracles, but from A Link to the Past. I confused the Firerod with the Rod of Seasons, silly me. :D