Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Skyward Sword E3 2011 Demo Gameplay

So, I already calmed down a little after seeing this footage from Gametrailers...

I had two major issues with the trailer. One was that the game will have another Ordon Village scenario at the beginning, just in the sky. This is pretty much confirmed, there even will be a flying tutorial minigame like I speculated. Notice how the way the birds move is definitely taken from the Kargarok flying in Twilight Princess. I hope you enjoyed this minigame back then, because you're going to get a lot more of it...

My fear about getting a The Wind Waker in the sky was also confirmed, the guy even compares this to the world of The Wind Waker. It's like The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess are having a love child (visually this was already the case). And the Nintendo guy also describes the "underworld" as one big dungeon. So, all my fears from the trailer pretty much became reality. However, you can drop down anywhere and it all sounds quite non-linear, which would be great. I just love non-linearity.

This is also the first time, that there is some info about sidequests and it sounds really nice. You will be able to upgrade your main items like the Slingshot, but to do that you must collect lots of a kind. I love collecting quests and upgrading items as a result definitely sounds highly motivational. Picture it like the Spirit Gems in Phantom Hourglass, which was a nice collecting quest, just with item upgrades instead of fairy abilities. And it also means that those upgrades are entirely optional. If the upgrades are linked to the story like better swords or for example the Light Bow in Spirit Tracks, they are mostly not too exciting. But if you got them on your own and if they help you in combat, it really feels like a great achievement. Combined with collectible items this gets even more fun for me.

The sword combat also looks great. Can't complain here.

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