Thursday, June 9, 2011

Skyward Sword: First Look at Siren World

Nintendo finally has released footage of the roundtable and there are some shots of the Siren World.

As you can see, they modified the forest stage level from last year's E3 for this. There is a portal near the round stone hallway now and if you ram your sword in it, you will enter the Siren World. Link clearly has no items at all in this world, not even a shield (which looks a always little bit weird). You will collect Tears of Light and on the left side of the screen there appears to be a Vessel of Light, exactly like in the Twilight Realm of Twilight Princess. The visuals are pretty cool and I like how the guardians look like Poes. But overall it's just a mix between the Twilight Realm and Phantom gameplay ideas from previous Zeldas games.

And this raises the question, if they try to achieve to make the best Zelda yet by including pretty much everything from all the last Zelda games. We're going to get an ocean world like in The Wind Waker and now they even include a new Twilight Realm and more Phantom gameplay. It would all be nice, if this wasn't all stuff that's distinctive for the modern Zelda games, but not for the superior classics. And most of this wasn't really popular with the fans. Nintendo was once talking about "going back to the roots", but all of this just getting more from The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks... Skyward Sword might be the ultimate hybrid between those four games, but will it really surpass the classics that way?

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