Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Minish Cap DX

These are some fake screenshots of an enhanced The Minish Cap:

I've originally made these in 2009 for a possible April Fool's gag, but then I only released the picture of the third Oracle house for a different blog post and went for the New Play Control! The Wind Waker fake instead. Now I recently stumbled over the other fake screenshots and I thought, I should release them here as well. I could have used them for this year's April Fool's Day, but I forgot...

The Minish Cap DX was supposed to feature a new bonus dungeon including several new enemies, which also would have gotten new figurines, and the Cane of Somaria / Firerod as a new item. You also would have been able to built the third Oracle house and to get the third Bomb Bag upgrade, which sadly was not available in all versions of the game. And other stuff.

In case you wonder, I took the graphics of the bonus dungeon and the new enemies from Four Swords. Not everyone knows this, but The Minish Cap just uses all the graphics, sounds, animations and even game content like items from Four Swords, basically like Majora's Mask uses everything from Ocarina of Time. You could say, that with The Minish Cap Capcom basically took Four Swords and formed it into a singleplayer game. I hope more people (including myself) will experience the beauty of Four Swords, when it will be re-released on DSiWare.

All sprites taken from Spriters Resource.

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