Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Link to the Past and 3D Classics

Miyamoto recently mentioned in an interview with Edge magazine, that he would like to see the different layers of A Link to the Past with 3D effects added to them, as in candidate for the 3D Classics on the eShop. And if Miyamoto wants something, he usually gets it (for example they are developing Luigi's Mansion 2 right now, because he wanted to make the game). And this is not unlikely, with it's two layered world design, A Link to the Past might even be a better candidate for the 3D Classics than The Legend of Zelda.

I have only one suggestion for this. Do not use the original Super Nintendo version, which is already available on the Wii Virtual Console anyway, but the enhanced GameBoy Advance version. It would make perfect sense, after they've split the game from Four Swords already, to re-release the latter as a standalone game on DSiWare. The bonus content, that originally only was unlockable by playing Four Swords, should now be available from the start. This would already add a lot to the game, because many people couldn't play Four Swords and therefore also missed the bonus content. For them this basically qualifies as new content. Let me introduce the bonus content to you, if you're not familiar with it.

They added a new dungeon, the Palace of the Four Sword. You can only enter it, if you've beaten Vaati in Four Swords at least once and Ganon in A Link to the Past. It will lead to a new alternative ending sequence that comes with some statistics. I'd suggest, that this dungeon simply becomes available after beating Ganon. It's relatively small, but it features five of the toughest boss fights in the entire series. Prepare to take a lot of damage in this one.

In the GameBoy Advance game the dungeon could be entered by using cheat codes or glitches. I used the latter to enter the dungeon (see here for how this works) and I already experienced it in its full glory. And it's not something that you should miss, it's a big challenge. So, it should definitely be part of some future remake or re-release of A Link to the Past.

However, what you couldn't get using cheat codes or glitches was the Riddle Quest. (Update: there are actually Gameshark Codes for this, I will try that later).

There is a third lumberjack waiting for you in their house and he will give you a basket (after you've collected 10 Medals of Courage in Four Swords) and some tasks. He would give you a clue and then you need to bring him something from the game, like a rupee or an enemy by catching them with the Bug-Catching Net. If you can solve all riddles, he will give the Hurricane Spin Attack, which works like the one in The Minish Cap. This sword technique then was also available in Four Swords. And you got three wooden carvings for your house:

The carvings are purely decorative, but their appearance can be changed by using Magic Powder. I was never able to play this quest for myself, so it would be nice to get this in a possible 3D Classics version without the requirement of playing Four Swords.

I'm not asking too much here and considering that they are already separating Four Swords from the GBA version of A Link to the Past anyway, they might work on A Link to the Past as well.

Sources: Strategy Wiki


Anonymous said...

You can play riddle quest with cheat code, i already beat it...

TourianTourist said...

Ah, thanks... I didn't know. I needed to keep looking for a while, but I found the codes. Thanks for letting me know.