Monday, June 20, 2011

Bloody Shadow Temple

Welcome new Zelda fans, who experience the amazing Zelda franchise for their first time by playing the amazing Ocarina of Time in 3D. Did you know, that this game was actually a remake of a game from the Nintendo 64? And did you know, that the Shadow Temple there actually was scary?

Look at this picture, it got blood stains all over the place! But fear not, you won't have to face these scary impressions on your shiny new 3DS version! You're safe, Nintendo keeps you safe!!

No, seriously, they removed the blood stains in Ocarina of Time 3D's Shadow Temple and Bottom of the Well dungeons. And I don't like it. They added so many nice details to the game, but on the other hand removing details like the blood just makes me want to play the original game again. Like it or not, this was part of the creepy atmosphere in these dungeons. That Nintendo would go as far as adding blood to the walls was something special, but now it's gone... They probably removed it to score a lower rating, but most children get their games bought by their parents anyway and in that case it doesn't really matter if it's 10+ or a 12+. Actually when I played the game as a child, I never really bothered about the blood, the whole place was already scary enough (there could be Redeads behind every door!), but it really got my attention when I played Master Quest just recently. So, I wondered if the blood stains are still in the game, but it appears they aren't. I guess Nintendo thought seeing blood on the walls on Virtual Console is fine, but seeing it in 3D would be too much for their customers...

And I think that Dead Hand also looks less creepy:

What's this, jellyfish-color?

But at least it seems like they kept the green blood effects (which were originally red in very early versions of Ocarina of Time on the N64). They could have removed those and replaced them with unicorn-colored butterflies, which pop up with every sword strike! Yay.


Ultrasnorlax said...

Yeah you're right i defintly loved how the blood added to th place. It wasn't nintendo's fault it was all those fags at pegi, they were like "Wow this game has blood and what's worse it's in 3D!!! That must mean the blood will be more realistic and we can't have children looking at blood that's coming out of the screem! We're gonna ave to rate this a 16!", since they made cod and an 18 because you were looking at blood in HD, sometimes i think the industry seriously needs to fire those loosers.

dampf said...

Well, they don't removed the blood. They just made it realistic. You can spot black blood stains all over the Shadow Temple/ Bottom of Well. The blood in this temple is very old, very old blood is very much colorless (black/brown) In the room with the X, the blood is a bit freshier, it's brown. The torture event in the Shadow Temple was long time ago, so red blood like the original version doesn't make sense.Look at these pictures:


blue circles= very old black blood
red circles= more fresh, but also old brown blood