Thursday, June 16, 2011

Robin & Zelda Williams Commercial & Interviews

This is the commercial and this is some kind of interview with both Robin Williams and his daughter Zelda. Watch both. (In case you haven't noticed yet, I normally don't embed videos, because they tend to disappear from Youtube, which makes the posts look ugly. I prefer posting images.)

It's really strange to see a famous person being so obsessed with Zelda, that they even name their daughter after the game. I love the game, you love the game, but you normally don't see a public person openly love Zelda like that. It's crazy and really cool at the same time. And Zelda even became a fine Zelda fan herself, watch this interview for example, where she was at this year's E3 booth. Zelda's favorite Zelda game is Majora's Mask, nice choice. And she likes to play Shiek/Zelda in Super Smash Bros. Melee. The WiiU part sounded totally fake though... but she's kinda cute.

And this is a nice way to advertise the game. "Hey, Robin Williams loves this game so much, he named his daughter after it! And now they both have lots of fun playing the game! It can't be bad then!" I think this commercial will definitely leave an impression.

As seen on: Zelda Informer

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